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How to fix oversalted food.

How To Fix An Oversalted Meal Salt can be your best friend in the kitchen. It enhances flavours taking a dish from drab to vibrant with just a pinch. But what do you do when you have seasoned a dish and you realize that you’ve added way too much salt? Relax and do not panic […]

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Fight HIV With these 4 foods.

People infected with HIV do not have specific foods but specific diets can help fight the virus. HIV virus weakens one’s body, causes infections and other opportunistic diseases. Below are some foods that can help one avoid complications caused by HIV according to WebMD; 1. Fruits and vegetables Fruits and vegetables are antioxidants meaning they […]

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10 foods that promote sleep.

There’s no denying the importance of a good night’s sleep. Failing to get a full seven to eight hours of rest can leave one feeling irritable, distracted, and above all exhausted. But that’s not all—many studies have shown that people who regularly get less sleep than they should be getting are at an increased risk […]

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