Make your skin lighter naturally.

There are many ways and tips that you can use to brighten and how to lighten skin such as egg whites and lemons. These you can use to lighten the skin fast naturally :

Limit the exposure of your skin to sunlight; this can be done through application of sunscreen to protect the skin from the suns direct ultra violet rays. Moisturizers and other beauty products that contains 20 SPF can be used. This lightens the skin over time.
The use of lemon juice; this juice can lighten the skin naturally as it contains citric and ascorbic acid that are good source of vitamin c that both have skin lightening properties.Cutting the lemon into halves and buffing it gently on the face. Rinse the face after about 20 minutes and repeating the process regularly day by day until the skin lightens.

Lemon can also be mixed with yogurt and applied on the face once a day for about 20 minutes, this works well as a mild bleaching agent.

Use of milk; yes, milk is a good requirement when choosing how to lighten skin. Soak a soft cloth in the milk making sure to wring out the milk so that the cloth does not drip.
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lighten skin using honey; Honey should be applied on then face, leaving it on for a few minutes and washing eventually with warm water. This remedy helps to remove dead cells of the skin thus making the skin appear brighter and fresher than before, the process should be repeated once in a day.

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Besides, there are very many options that can be used to lighten the skin permanently including the use of laser, bleaching creams and use of chemical peels. Ensure to have a consultation to certified dermatologist before you decide which method is best for you.


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