Why you shouldn’t die of Cancer.

The renowned Indian oncologist Sumati V
Gupta wrote:

‘Cancer is not the disease’

No one should die of cancer except without

1. The first step is to stop all sugar intake, without sugar in your body, the cancer cells die naturally.

2. The second step is to mix the lemon fruit with a cup of hot water and drink it for 1-3 months. The first thing before food and cancer disappear, according to research from the Maryland School of Medicine, it is 1000 times better than chemotherapy.

3. The third step is to drink 3 tablespoons of organic coconut oil, morning and night and cancer will disappear, you can choose any of the two treatments after avoiding sugar. lgnorance is not an excuse.

I’ve shared this information for more than 5 years. Let everyone around you know, that it is a desecration of what is destined for anyone who dies this day from cancer..

Sumati V
Gupta .



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